Deforestation is one of the most pressing issues of the present world. Just like mammalian lungs help mammals to breathe and to survive, forests are also considered as the life force of earth. Forests purify our environment as well as releases oxygen without which life cannot exist. Forest not only purifies the environment it also supports lives of different species. The destruction of these forests will have adverse effects on the lives of living beings as well as on the ecosystem and environment of the planet earth.

The most important of plants is to produce oxygen by the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is beneficial for breathing and without breath living beings cannot survive. Moreover, these plants consume and absorb carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and convert this harmful gas into a useful one, oxygen gas. As a result, the atmosphere is purified from the harmful carbon dioxide gas and sustainable for life. The destruction of forests means the less absorbing agents of carbon dioxide, and consequently the great amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The increased amount of carbon dioxide will damage the ozone layer which is the protective shield that protects earth from harmful rays of the sun.  Forests also protect sun rays to reach to the ground of the earth. When these forests are cut down, the sun rays reach the ground and increase the overall temperature of the earth and causes global warming which is a serious threat to our planet.

Forests are also a great source of vegetation and plantation, the reduction of the forest will dry up the land which will cause widespread famine and deaths. Forests also provide sanctuary to different species, when these forests are eradicated; this destroys natural habitats of these species and causes death. Huge plants and trees have deep roots which provide great sustenance to the soil below them and save it from erosion. If these plants are cut down then the soil will erode and it will lead to land sliding.

Forests are of great uses; therefore, serious efforts must be taken to reduce deforestation. Moreover, the government must promote reforestation campaigns to reverse the adverse effects of deforestations. Forests purify and sustain life. These forests are perfect for preserving the harmony of life and ecosystem. Damage to these forests is a damage to the lives of different spices, ecosystem, and the overall environment. Therefore, the lungs of the earth must not be eradicated from the planet.

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