Sample Essay

In the article, The New Segregation Debate, states various facts that further complicate the debate of single-sex education versus code. She states the point of view of feminists who think that single-sex education is discriminatory and brings us back to the point where women are classified as the weaker sex. However, the article rightly points out that it is the stereotyping that still exists that defines good male students as a nerd while encouraging female students who are good. (Ellison, 2010)

What is best for kids is a question best answered with the objective that their parents have in mind for them. Right now there is a choice between somebody who is good at academics and someone who knows how to be in the company of the opposite sex. These are important social issues, but the solution lies in the transformation of the education system where kids learn how to be tolerant and at the same time have studied programs that are designed to suit their learning styles. There are not merely gender differences in learning, there is a variety of other factors such as parenting styles, and the environment at home among other things that account for these differences. Unless our education systems can address all these issues there is no point in focusing on only one problem, which may or may not be a very relevant part of the issue at hand.

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