Social media is a virtual, social hub where people all over the world concurrently work together with one another for business, leisure, and for exchanging ideas and information. Social media simplifies the process of the flow of data and information in a way that encourages social interaction in a virtual environment, thereby providing a convenient substitute for face to face interaction, and ultimately saving time and money to its users.  For example, providing the facility to people to ‘like’ or share their thoughts on Face-book is an omnipresent way for promoting interaction with others.  Due to the immense importance of social media on multiple facets in life in contemporary society, particularly via Face-book, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media has literally altered the patterns of interaction and behavior among people today.

However, there are different methods of how people perceive social media based on their past experiences. Some prefer to employ it as a social hub and a medium through which they can interact with their family and friends in order to maintain social connections, particularly when the friend or family member lives in a locality which is geographically distant and not in close proximity. On the other hand, marketers and businesses use social media for the promotion of their products and services or to gauge customer reaction and conduct online surveys and polls and other methods of business research.

There are some people who have negative opinions pertaining to social media. People who have been deceived in social dating and romantic entanglements might be wary of the adverse consequences of social media, and take a myopic viewpoint related to social media. Perception about social media is generally built by the past bittersweet experiences of using it.  If someone has had a bitter experience then it is very much likely that the person in question might consider all things related to social media from a negative perspective. Alternatively, if an individual has been fortunate enough to gain favorable experiences of the application of social media, there is a high probability that the person in question would be highly positive and login again to social media for similar or different intentions.

People all around the world use social media for communicating with people all across the globe. Social media is the most popular form of media with millions of people interacting on it on daily basis. However, people view it differently and consumers and marketers use it for different purposes other than just communicating with friends and family. This research will look to discover how people perceive social media and whether or not the perception formed is positive or negative. Social media is thought to be the common voice of people where they could speak their heart out without any restrictions.

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