Essay: Business to business marketing for processors

A lot of experience is required to execute business to business marketing processes successfully.  If someone is related to the business of computer processors, you need to understand the categories available in the market. Some of the main classifications of computer processors include laptop processors, notebook processors and processors for desktop computers. All these three categories come under the classification of microprocessors.

Now, let’s turn our attention towards the cost factor. The price of a processor depends on the cost of the circuits installed. This cost increases at a gradual rate. Normally, the price rises after every two years.

The two vendors which dominate the market of computer processors are HP and Dell. In addition to that, Acer and LENOVO share a tough competition for the third position. Intel has analyzed the needs of the Indian market and has launched a processor with rugged nature. How does this computer differ from the standard processors manufactured by other companies? It is more resistant to dust and humidity. Apart from that, you can operate this processor by using alternative power modes including car batteries and generators.

A series of cost effective processors had been launched by Intel and Microsoft. This joint venture was done under the name of a brand called Wintel.  These processors were cheap and could be purchased easily by average earning people.

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