Easy Way to Write Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the most challenging tasks. A persuasive essay needs a mature understanding to convince the reader on a topic, opinion, or argument. Students face difficulty in writing a persuasive essay because they are unaware of the basic theme of the essay and once they write and present it to the teacher, they lose marks.

To help those students, here is the easy way to write a persuasive essay.

The aim of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader at your point of view or make him/ her agree with what you are saying. Remember! People are not ready to believe others unless they are given proper reasoning for that. This is only what makes your persuasive essay appealing; reasoning.

Think of the reader. Who is your audience? Either the reader is known to the topic, is unaware about the topic or is the one opposing the entire argument. When you know your audience it becomes easier for you to plan for your essay and gather the material related to that.

To make the content of your essay reasonable, search for the information on the topic. When you yourself are fully aware of the pros and cons about the topic and you have full command on the entire argument, you can easily justify it in your own words.

Collect the information and make notes of it. Then read them thoroughly and highlight the points which you find suitable to support your argument. It may be realistic facts, live examples, evidence of the related cases and many others.

Once you have decided for the content of the essay, write the draft of it. Start with an appealing introduction having an attention-grabbing thesis statement. Do not start with the argument all of a sudden. Just give the background of your position in the argument.

In the middle paragraphs, start with the opposing argument and make a transition to justification on your arguments against it. Supply it with reliable facts and evidence and relevant examples.

Conclude the essay with a summary of your argument. Restate the thesis and revise the draft a few times to make sure it is free of any biased statements which may leave a negative impact on the reader, it is free of writing or vocabulary errors, and is properly cited. Then write the final form of an essay.

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