Easy steps for writing a motivation dissertation

Motivation is all about being encouraged to do something. If you are not inclined towards achieving anything, you would not do it even if it is extremely easy.  An organization wants to keep its employees motivated so that it does not lose them. For this purpose, they are offered various incentives and benefits. This also keeps them interested in the company and they do not apply for other positions. Focus on some important theoretical principles in your motivation dissertation.

Two of the most important motivation principles are called are called intrinsic and extrinsic theories. Both these theories are applicable in contradictory situations. The intrinsic theory states that internal factors contribute majorly to enhance motivation levels. On the other hand, the extrinsic theory states that external factors are more relevant for enhancing the encouragement level to do something. In certain conditions, a combination of both these theories is applied as well. Another theory which is used a lot practically is the Herzberg’s theory.  This theory is used by corporate organizations to monitor the performance levels of their employees.

You can apply these theories on one or more categories of organizations for your motivation dissertation. For example, you can study the motivation aspects of a school. It is hard to encourage children to study. Hence, certain psychological measures are taken by teachers to encourage them. An example can be the routine followed by academic institutions. They do not exert a lot of educational load on small children.  To create their liking for books, they are taught with a lot of interaction. A professional teacher would be able to explain the exact perspective to you. Apart from questioning the faculty, you need to observe things on your own. This would create a different angle for your research. In addition to that, the judgment committee may form a negative perception if the entire content of your assignment is prepared through questioners. Other information extractions modes should also be used for a motivation dissertation. As this is a descriptive topic, the reader would be looking for multiple subject angles in your paper.

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