Cannot Complete Assignments in Time

Heads lying on the table surrounded by books, notes, research papers and other reading material, worried about completing the assignments before deadline but do not know where and how to start, this is the condition of every other student in this era. The main reason to it is the increasing burden of assignments on the students at different academic levels and short durations assigned to do them. Students complain that they cannot complete assignments in time and lose their major part of grades in the end.

Many of the students who face this problem in due to the;

  • Lack of guidance about how to do the assignments
  • Lack of understanding of the topics
  • Insufficient time assigned to a lengthy assignment
  • Laziness
  • Lack of confidence in writing
  • Competition among the students
  • Poor time management skills; etc

For any if the reasons, the students cannot complete assignments in time which cause them frustration, anxiety, and restlessness until the final results, and even when they get their results, most of them are unhappy because of low grades.

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