How to Cite In an MS Word Document

With the increase in the academic writing requirements in education, the plagiarism also went to height. In many educational institutes around the world, the consequences of plagiarism are extensive and cause heavy punishments to the students caught with plagiarizing. Therefore, to control that, awareness programs have been arranged where a large number of students learn how to avoid plagiarism in their academic papers.

In almost all the educational institutes, the academic papers are written using MS Word document writer. Students face difficulties in citing sources in the word document and sometimes an important point remain from citation which is caught by the plagiarism software and ultimately leads to penalties. To help the students to understand how to cite in MS Word document, this article is a useful source.

For any line to give reference to, go to the “References” option at the toolbar. You will find several sources for referencing your paper accordingly. To cite a piece of information, use “insert citation” option in the “citation and bibliography” column. Here, click at the “add new source” and you will find a number of sources in default at “type of source”. Use this option to add the source you are using, choosing the appropriate option from the list of sources. Also, you can find other options to choose for the style of citation and bibliography.

By reading this article it might have become clear to you on how to cite in an MS Word Document, because without proper citation and referencing, the entire effort of writing the document goes in vain because later it is caught with plagiarism.

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