Why to Cite In an Academic Paper

Academic plagiarism is an evil spread out in almost every part of the world. In most of the educational institutes, students are found plagiarizing large contents from the sources, doing copy-paste of the paragraphs and using copyright secured contents as their own. In order to control this crime, measures have been taken in many countries and serious punishments are charged to students caught with plagiarizing.

Students who are given writing assignments always have this query of why to cite in an academic paper. They find it bothering to cite each source or to make amendments in the content they refer. But if it is not done, the consequences are disastrous. If the references used in writing the academic paper are not cited properly, the students are charged with plagiarism because they use the information from a source and reproduce it as their own without any right to ownership.

After knowing why to cite in an academic paper, students should know how to cite. For all kinds of essays, research papers, case studies, dissertations and many others, the literature which the student uses for reference should be cited in the content of the paper. This has two benefits:

  • The student is saved from plagiarizing by properly citing the source
  • The reader is aware of the sources used and the level of accuracy and authenticity of the data and information.

It is suggested to use the following tips while writing an academic paper:

  •   Do not copy-paste the words from the source as they are. Read the complete article of the topic and explain it in your own words. Still, in the end, cite the source where you got the information from.
  •   Avoid rephrasing the paragraphs by using synonyms. The sequence of the flow of information will also be caught in plagiarism detecting software no matter if the words have been changed.
  •   Never follow the order of points or steps given in the source as it is. The same sequence will make the reader know where it has been taken from. Change the order and also describe the author or the source you have taken the points from.

It is always useful to cite the academic paper while writing. It keeps the students saved from any troubles of academic plagiarism or other such issues, and also brings a professional tone in the paper which gains good grades.

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