The dissertation is a document written by the students to achieve a degree. It is a requirement in universities around the world to submit the dissertation by the end of the degree program. Every dissertation is unique from the other, however, to choose a dissertation topic which is appropriate is the first and foremost question students have and they should be given the answer at the earliest.

When the dissertation comes due, students should start to think about it as soon as possible. It needs plenty of efforts and time to complete the dissertation; therefore, the work should be started from the very beginning of the semester. The main issue which the students face is to choose a dissertation topic. If the topic is irrelevant or vague, it is likely to be rejected by the instructor. Here are a few guidelines which you may find helpful to choose an appropriate topic for your dissertation.

Think about the field of your interest. A good practice for this is to visit the library and collect some of the past dissertations submitted by the students. Sit in the library and read for the topics only. On a rough page, write the titles and give them ranks according to your preference. Do this for at least 20 topics, and see for what kind of topics you have ranked higher. This would surely be your area of interest.

Explain your interest to your friends and people around you and make a list of topics suggested by them. Do not ignore any suggestions no matter if you find it uninteresting.

Finally, give a proper time to think about the topic. By looking at the suggestions and the topics you extracted, see what can be done by you on a topic which has the following features:

  •   It is related to your field of study
  •   The updated literature on the topic can be available
  •   The data it requires for survey or research would be available easily
  •   It is not expensive to work at and you have got enough to finance your research
  •   It is timely and not a lengthy task. It could be easily placed on a Gantt chart or Pert Chart.
  •   The outcome would be of some benefit. The topic should have an objective to accomplish and not merely to study an already known topic.

With these features in mind, it would become convenient for you to decide for a topic which would be acceptable by the instructor. However, if you need a professional to help you choose a dissertation topic, contact us now and get a professional level help to complete dissertation on time.

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