How to Do Case Study

Case studies are important in academic writing because they give a practical exposure to the students about the course. The books and course materials may not be enough for the students to understand where the knowledge would be applied. With the help of case studies, the students come across different real world scenarios related to that particular course and make them aware of the applicatory side of the subject.

For any course related to business, medicine, law, arts, sciences, computers, sociology, philosophy etc, the case study requirements are different. But the theme covered by case studies is same. Students at the initial stage are not aware of how to do a case study, neither are they guided by their teachers at most instances. To help the students understand how to do a case study, this article might be beneficial.

Before you know how to do a case study, you should know why to do a case study. For a particular course, you are given a case study of, think about the theories you have studied so far, the strategies for carrying out the tasks in that field. The reason for doing a case study is to make you aware of where those theories, policies, strategies and information are practically applied.

To start with a case study, give enough time to reading it. In the first reading, every may seem like going over your head. In the second reading, you will start grabbing some points and in the third reading you will highlight the main point which you will find familiar with that you have studies in class. Now when you are ready to apply your skills in the case study, search for:

  •   The area or topic to which the case relates
  •   The problem in the case
  •   The grounds/theories on which the case has been solved
  •   The conclusion of the case given
  •   Any possible alternatives available to solve the case or any recommendations you might think fit
  •   The effect of reading the case on the course you are studying
  •   The knowledge you have gained from the case.

Once you make a checklist of the details above, you are now equipped with enough content to write the case study summary in your own words. This is how to do a case study easily and timely.

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