A case study; Hotel Management

Sample Case Study

For the coming year a Japanese group is expected to be staying which does not mean the hotel should have all the symbols of their culture but it demands one thing that this hotel should be of international standard with all the directions and orientation mentioned both in written and in symbols so that it be easy for any demographic groups to find it easy to find their way.

Similarly as delegations will be having meetings with an upper class parties for which press, media and government and public sector bodies will be needed to be called and provided with appropriate needs provision that has to be taken care of two. When large-scale activities are taking place with having foreigners around security also becomes an issue and that is the responsibility of the hotel to take care of all the legal issues related to it. It should be made sure to provide good care, service, food, security and comfort inside the hotel but also in the outside hotel area that is the vicinity of the hotel. Along with indoor activities and services, these foreigners will also need guide groups that should help the delegations have a look at the area if they want to this will make their trip to courthouse more interesting. For the guests to go out have their activities there should be a rent a car service contract as well and it should be made sure that guests should be able to avail it when needed and they do not have to wait for it for too long or they happen to change their plans because of non-provision of transport service.

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