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The students in Australian Universities no doubt are acquiring best education in the world; however, the requirements of these universities are rising rapidly. The number of courses is increasing along with the rise in assignments and writing requirements. This has led to compromise with the quality of students and their intellectual levels because of the stress faced by them during their academic years.

A large number of students at MONASH University, University Of Western Sydney, Griffith University, RMIT University and many others, students complain that they are given bundles of assignments at a time and the duration to complete them is not sufficient to write the assignment from scratch with altogether fresh study and research. Above that, students who go for jobs find it hard to meet the requirements of the academic writing and eventually lose grades in their semesters.

Every student asks for academic assistance during their entire educational period. At higher levels of education, teachers presume that student well understand the requirements and expect more than what they have guided them to do. For the reason many of the students who could not guess what the teacher actually requires face a lot of troubles to keep up with their grades. Teachers do not usually bother to give details about how to do the given assignment, and when the assignment is below standard, it the student who faces the consequences.

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