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Research Paper: Strengths & Weaknesses of Samsung

Sample Research Paper

Samsung (2007) claims that it has a well-established brand equity, and has performed tremendously well since the past decade particularly from 2000 onwards. Various innovative products with value-added features and functionalities have been launched by Samsung Mobile which have been very successful. The business strongly believes in playing to its strengths. (Samsung Group Timeline and History 2007).

The senior management (2007) claims that the company has a diversified and talented human and intellectual capital. The executives pride themselves in having such capable employees and are confident that the workforce as well as the strategic partners including distributors, dealers, marketing and advertising agencies round the world would help Samsung Group, particularly the Samsung Mobile business segment, reach the rank of a global leader in electronics and telecommunication goods and devices. (Samsung Group Timeline and History 2007).


Park (1996) wrote that although the company strives to penetrate new markets, its concentration remains more on a few countries inEuropeandNorth America. Samsung mobile focuses more onUnited KingdomandUnited Statescompared to other countries.

Park (1996) further assets that although the diversified workforce is an asset to the organization, many cultural and linguistic differences arise which lead to group conflicts and interpersonal grudges. Communication between individuals belonging to different nations may not be as effective as between those who share the same culture and social background.

Park (1996) asserts that undoubtedly, the company has a strong financial backing, but it is not concentrating on any one or a few areas of core competencies. It focuses on not just on manufacturing, and research and development. The business is heavily investing into development of newer markets and segments. It wants to capture as many markets as possible in a smaller span of time. Park (1996) feels that instead of taking thoughtful and careful steps in order to reach the global position it desires, Samsung is seems to be in a hurry to launch new products, segments and marketing campaigns.

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