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Research Paper: Research on Personality Traits

Sample Research Paper

It is the personality traits which determine the prime requirements as well as the whims and fancies of an individual. A person having traits which classify him as an extrovert would, probably, want to hold a dominant position in his environment such as the office.

Whether or not he is able to achieve and assume the role and authority he desires, actually measure his staisfaction with himself, his work and his colleagues. According to Maslow, an individual reaching the top rung of the pyramid of hierarchy of needs is “self-actualized”, that is, he attains the position he desired and his basic needs are all met.

The hard work and immense efforts of psychologists, Lawrence A. Pervin, Daniel Cervone and Oliver P. John, have culminated in production of an extremely helpful text book, Personality: Theory and Research. They have integrated the theories of preceding social scientists and have drawn patterns of similarities and differences among them. The focus, however, is primarily on the similarities in philosophies.

This paper discusses elaborates intensively on the personality traits and the theory of basic dimensions which provide a criteria for defining these traits. The research on the personality traits is supported by references from sources other than the above mentioned book and the theories of different social analysts and thinkers particularly Eysenck and Cattell who based their work on determining the psychological traits affecting personality.

It is rather interesting to note that different social scientists have held their own opinions about the evolution and inheritance of personality traits. However, most psychologists believe that these traits are part of the genes and cannot be changed.

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