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Research Paper: Limitations of Research on CRM

Sample Research Paper

Although the initial plan was to extend this research to more than one service company in order to learn about different organizations and their approach to CRM, it did not materialize as most of the companies contacted showed reluctance to provide information. The fear of validity threats arising from the information which the respondents would have provided unwillingly held the researcher back from taking a large sample of participants.

The intention was to investigate other competitors’ view on the elements of the research questions addressed to XYZW Management and compare them in order to conclude and make the best possible recommendations to the research questions. This would have provided a well-rounded picture of the CRM tools and strategies in place in different organizations. The initial aim was to learn how CRM is being implemented and practiced in the increasingly challenging business environment to cope with cutthroat competition.

The inability to research on a large sample has, however, in no way impacted the findings or the results of the research. Although the sample was small, it was very carefully selected. The researcher ensured that no validity threats arise and made efforts to gain as much knowledge through the surveys and literature review. The dissertation is a result of tremendous hard work. In fact, the smaller sample helped to narrow the scope of the report which aided in producing a good quality, well-focused report.

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