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Research Paper: Impact of Fast Food on Today’s Society

Sample Research Paper

Fast food is one of the best selling products in the world today. Its different varieties and types make it one of the most powerful forms of food retailing in the market. With the tremendous number of brands offering this food, its fame is far reaching. The entire world has been taken over by the fast food frenzy and the various food brands are now turning multinational, as they broaden their horizons and enter other countries.

The advent of technology has helped increase this demand for food. As the world becomes faster, a quick and convenient form of sustenance is the best buy in the market. Fast food with its easy accessibility and fast service is the most suitable food to purchase. This is coupled with the low prices of this food which allows its accessibility to reach a large number of consumers. The recession has affected this industry very little and the steep costs possess a great magnetic force for the eater. However, coupled with the benefits of fast food the flaw in this kind of food continues to make it unattractive for many consumers. The strongest critique of fast food is its inability to serve as the healthiest kind of food. Though delicious, this food is high in fat and contains great amounts of refined sugar which can be detrimental to the consumer’s health. Individuals who consume this food on a daily basis often suffer from heart problems, obesity and high blood pressure. Capitalist societies bank on the concept of fast food because of its ability to save up on precious time that can be employed by workers for different activities. Fast food has become part of our culture (Schlosser, 2001).  However, though it is easily accessible cannot be considered flawless.

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