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Research Paper: Data Processing and Analysis; Allied Health

Sample Research Paper

Minitab would be used for data processing and analysis. All relevant questions which test the hypotheses directly or correspond to them well would be evaluated statistically separately. The responses stated by the thirty respondents would be feed into the worksheet of Minitab question-wise.

The descriptive statistics of each question would be obtained by performing basic statistical analysis. These basic statistics would, then, be used to perform the z-test on each relevant question in order to arrive at an answer whether or not the hypotheses hold true.

The mean and the standard deviation from the basic descriptive statistics of each question would be fed to perform the z-test. If the mean set for proving the hypotheses is above the mean actual mean which was obtained via descriptive statistical analysis, the hypotheses is accepted. However, if the mean set for proving the hypotheses is below the mean obtained by performing statistical analysis, the hypotheses are rejected.

Graphs and charts illustrating and presenting the responses to each question would be obtained. The figures would be in the form of histograms which would clearly show the degree of Likert scale chosen by the different respondents for answering each relevant question.

Only the questions which test the hypotheses directly and those which are used to support the ones corresponding directly to the hypotheses would be statistically analyzed. A confidence level of 95% was used to measure and calculate the responses statistically using z-test.

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