Custom Essay: Mainstream Schooling versus Homeschooling

The early years of a person’s life hold extreme importance as they construct the entire foundation of the character and educational development. The choice between going to school and opting for homeschooling can be a difficult decision. The decision is generally made by parents as a child cannot make decisions for him/her at a very young age. Therefore, some parents choose to teach their children at home and prefer the safety of homeschooling. However, the mainstream school education has been successful in training children to become well- socialized and qualified adults who are able to prove their abilities.

The setting of a mainstream school is done by educational professionals who have years of experience in the management of education. The teachers would be qualified to do their job and provide a clear guidance to each individual. Therefore, learning should be left to people who are qualified to teach as teachers go through a learning process and then become qualified to carry out their teaching jobs. The same teachers can also be hired to teach at home but sometimes, homeschooling is done by parents who have a passion for teaching their child in their own way.

In the setting of a mainstream school, children learn to fight their fears and can even learn beyond the reach of textbooks and exam papers. The experience of going to school has many elements as schools instill a quality of discipline, punctuality, and respect for the authority. Children may learn new things about life by conversing with different kinds of people. Sometimes, students from different cultures and languages are also helpful in learning about other culture. At homeschooling, the child cannot experience the feeling of socializing with different kinds of people. The mainstream schooling is done at a large level and a number of students are in each class. This would create an environment for learning and students can motivate each other to work and can even discuss educational concepts with them.

Schools also offer a number of other activities such as athletics, theatre or any kind of after-school activity. These could also include debating and elocution competitions which can enhance the intellectual abilities of a person. Schools have always been the contributors to providing quality education to children and it has even been successful at doing that. However, people are now combining both the trends as extra tuitions are also taken by students for additional guidance. These tuitions are a new form of homeschooling as well.

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